Thursday, September 8, 2011

most popular blogs of 2011

According to the most popular blogs as of 2011 count down with at number 5 with his celebrity gossip blog. is number 4 which is a blog that reviews and discusses the most popular gadgets from phones to cameras. is in 3rd place and this blog discusses everything from wall street to entertainment and sports.  2nd place is which like Perez Hilton's blog is also a celebrity gossip blog. The number one blog used in 2011 according to is which covers everything you need to know about anything from politics to living healthy and comedy.

Favorite wbsites

My three top favorite websites are
- I use Facebook for everything it is my main source of communication (other than my phone of course) i use it to talk to both my friends and family and now it has become a force of habit to log on as soon as i turn on my computer even if i have WAY more important things that i should be doing.
- I LOVE tumblr and honestly I am not to sure why it is a blogging website that i started using in my Junior Year of High School and when you explain to people what it is they think it sounds stupid but it is ADDICTING and entertaining.
-This is my newest favorite website and it is the only one that actually serves a purpose other than just entertainment. I now cannot live without this website.

Shawna's Bio

     Hey my name is Shawna Frandsen I am 18 years young I live in Newport Rhode Island and I am a commuting student to JWU.  To commute to school I take the city bus so it takes about an hour and a half to two hours to get here which is a long and REALLY boring bus ride. I live at home with my Mom, Step dad, Grandma, and two younger sisters who are 2 and 7 so there is always something crazy going on in my small 3 bedroom house.
      I am going to major in Graphic Design and Digital Media.  I was introduced to Graphic Design by accident, I went to a vocational high school and I had signed up to do culinary arts but they had  messed up my schedule and put me in the Graphic Design class instead.  By the time i was able to switch out of Graphic Design it was only a few weeks into the semester and I had decided that i loved Graphic Design and no longer wanted to drop the class and go into culinary arts like i had originally planned on doing.
      The picture is of me and my baby sister before my senior prom, she is also my best friend :)